In this study, the musculoskeletal symptoms were determined in the informal recyclers of Cartagena de indias, during the year 2017. It is a descriptive cross-sectional study, the population studied was one hundred and fifteen informal recyclers of any age and gender, for the data collection for each of the individuals, with prior and informed consent of the Standardized Nordic Questionnaire. Results 51.5% (n = 59) were men and 48.5% (n = 56) women, the anatomical region with the most symptoms was the lumbar region 66%, neck 61% and upper back 59%, and it was the ailments that had the greatest Interference with work: household chores, was also the illness that lasted longer in the last 12 months and which is still present in several respondents. There was no difference in the symptomatology with respect to the age range or sex. The perception of musculoskeletal symptoms in the informal recyclers of the city of Cartagena was predominantly in the lower back, neck and upper back, and were the ailments that had the greatest interference with work and home.